Ajwa Date Powder From Madinah


DescriptionThis is the medicine made by the ayurvedic constituents which have medicinal property in it. This medicine is used by people who are suffering from various health ailments related to the proper functioning of the heart. These also help to enhance the blood circulation of the body as well as cure the problems like those of the headaches, pains in heart, short-breathiness, etc.


  • Helps to cure the problems of the heart.
  • Aids to cure the short-breathiness problem.
  • Enhances the circulation of the blood thereby making the oxygenated blood reach every part of the body.
  • Helps to prevent the pain in the heart.
  • Prevents the heart disease to a considerable extent.



  • These are comprised of the magical ingredients which prove to be beneficial for the body regarding various health ailments.
  • These are made up of the extracts of the herb which are rich in nutrients as well as medicinal value in it.
  • It is made up of the extracts of dates as well as Ajwain in it which works the best for the heart.


Direction of Use: This has to be used as per the recommendation made by a physician.

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