Baobab Fruit Powder For Smoothies


DescriptionThis is a herbal powder that helps to provide the required nutrition to the body and also helps to add to the immunity of the body. This is the major source of the vitamins and minerals and also is anti-oxidant that can be beneficial for all the system in the body. This helps to strengthen the brain capacity and increases the functionality of the brain. This also helps to get a stronger memory power, and the nutrition profile it comes with is a way beneficial supplement on the body which can have a positive impact on all the system and the organs of the body.


  • This helps to provide the body with all the nutrients that the body lacks.
  • This helps to enhance the memory capacity of the mind.
  • This is a good treat to your craving and is healthy at the same time.
  • This is the major source of nutrient which can enhance the eye-sight, texture of the skin and hair etc.
  • It also cures the digestive system of the body.


IngredientsThis is majorly prepared with the extracts of the Baobab fruit.

Direction of UseThis powder has to be taken twice a day, one full tablespoon after meals in the morning and the evening.

Size: 100 g

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