Cure Karela Jamun Syrup


Description: To meet the various requirements of the health condition, the karela Jamun juice is essential for the people. This is the perfect juice for the summers to stay energized to the fullest as well as it hydrates the body and helps in the proper det6oxification of the body. You will be able to feel enthusiastic and nutritional after few days of regular consumption of the medicine. This also acts to trigger the secretion of the insulin in the body. And is also the best herbal formula for diabetic patients.


  • It is a good method for prevention as well as the control of diabetes.
  • Helps to immunize the livers and the spleen.
  • Helps to relieve the pain and ache in the joints.
  • Beneficial to avoid as well as cure the stones in the kidney.
  • Control the stomach worms.
  • Regulates the digestion and the metabolism of the body.


Ingredients: This is the treated juice of the bitter gourd and blackberries. These are the herbal extracts that work magic to enhance the health condition of the body.

Direction to Use: One must take the recommendation of the physicians to take the right dosages for the best results.

Size: 500 ml

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