Habbe Mumsiki


Habbe Mumsiki


DescriptionThese are the medicines to cure problems like premature ejaculation, erectility problems, sexual debility, impotence, nocturnal emission etc. These make the best way to increase the sexual strength of the man and prevent the premature ejaculation thereby increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

Benefits of Habbe Mumsiki

  • Helps in the increase of the sexual duration.
  • Helps to stop the premature ejaculation.
  • Strengthens the reproductive organs of the male body.
  • Natural remedy to treat the infertility.
  • Helps to increase the density of semen by increasing the rate of sperms released on each ejaculation.
  • It aids in strengthening the nervous system which also has a possible impact on the duration of sexual intercourse.


IngredientsThe composition of each pill is of different components, and they are AquilariaAgallocha, Balchhar, Myristicafragrans, Delphinium denudatum, Piper Nigrum, Cannabis sativa, Crocus sativus, Saccharumofficinarum etc.

Direction of UseOne has to take these pills twice a day after two hours of having the meal with a cup of milk. This would make effectuate the body to increase sexual ability.

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