Hamdard Asraufin Tablets


Description: These medicines are the herbal treatment for the high blood pressure which if remains untreated can cause various health ailments like those of the heart diseases, strokes etc. This is the solution for the complications like those of nervous tensions, schizophrenia, hysteria, severe headache, sleeplessness. This cures many health disorders and can also be useful to treat the issues like those of the strain in the involuntary muscles.


  • Cures hypertension and keeps the blood pressures merely under control.
  • Cures the health ailments like those of the pain, inflammation, violent mania.
  • Solves many mental and nervous issues like those of the hysteria, nervous tension etc.
  • Solves the problem of sleeplessness and pain and ache in the head.


Ingredients: The pills of about 230 grams are available containing 4 milligrams of Asrarul with the chemical standardization

The direction of Use: The dosage of this medicine completely depends on the health condition of the patients, the age of the patient and several other things. In normal cases, 2 to 3 pills are to be used for the best results.

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