Hamdard Safi Blood Purifying Syrup


DescriptionHamdard Safi is a very excellent blood purifier that you will get in the market. Doctors mainly prescribe Safi for skin related problems.


  • Taking the Hamdard Safi blood purifying syrup daily will prevent your skin problems. Impure blood leads to acne, dull skin, dark circles. By using blood purifier, you can keep these problems away.
  • The allergies, fatigue, headaches that made you suffer once will go away. The Hamdard Safi blood purifying syrup will enhance your entire health condition.
  • Rinsing your circulation will strengthen your immunity system. The organs in your body will start to function correctly, thereby leading to overall health improvement for healthy living.


IngredientsThe humdard safi contains neem, tulsi, jashthi Madhu, honey, turmeric, amla, aloe vera, etc. that helps in purifying the blood. Safi has a think consistency. You might feel a little bitter as neem is present.

Directions of UseTake two spoons of the syrup in the morning and two spoons of the sugar in the evening or as prescribed by the physician you appoint.

  • 100ml
  • 200ml
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100ml, 200ml


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