Himalaya Triphala Syrup


Himalaya Triphala Syrup


DescriptionStomach issues should not hold you from running a smooth life. However, there are sometimes when these gastrointestinal problems hold us from living our life to the maximum. This Triphala syrup by Himalaya is the perfect solution against such complications. This syrup is excellent at detoxifying the body’s bowel system, and some dosage of you will help you to clear your system off all such problems. It is the best way you can get a natural cleanse. All the ingredients used is fresh and organic, rendering it harmless for your body.

This syrup is available in 200ml bottles.


  • It helps in normal cleansing of your body and is great to aid normal bowel movement.
  • It offers a gentle pro-kinetic effect on the bowels and helps to get you rid of constipation without creating a dependency.
  • The syrup is made up of three natural active ingredients that help as antioxidants and promote regular and healthy bowel movement.
  • It soothes the internal abdominal wall and helps to stop bleeding in the anal area


IngredientsThe syrup is made up of natural ingredients like Triphala, bibhitaki, haritaki and amalaki among others.

Direction of Use1 and a half teaspoon twice a day for children and 3 teaspoon twice a day for adults.

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