Iba Deep Nourishing Tub


Iba Deep Nourishing Tub


Description: This is the herbal formula that helps the maintenance of the good health of the skin. Besides, it has no side-effects and thus it is the best skin care product that can be applied. This helps the nourishment of the skin to the deepest and cleanses the skin off with the dead remains of the cell which are accumulated on the upper surface of the skin giving a dark complexion to the skin


  • Provides the skin with the vitamins and the minerals which it is lacking.
  • Nourishes the skin from within making it soft to the fullest.
  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Works on the enhancement of the complexion of the skin
  • Makes the skin glow.


Ingredients: The cream is filled with goodness for the skin and is the best remedy to be used. This is so because the skin has no chemicals and is purely made up of herbal constituent like those of the olive well, cocoa butter etc.

Direction to Use: This must be applied on the skin twice a day, once in the evening and once in the night.

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