Jirya Cure Syrup


DescriptionJirya Cure is a treatment for the disorders found in men known as the Spermatorrhoea. This is generally the disability to control the premature ejaculation, lack of interest while having sexual intercourses ultimately leading to infertility. This leaves the male body with no side effects, and it also treats this sorts of male concern effectively.

Benefits of Jirya Cure

  • It helps in controlling the premature ejaculation as this happens to create issues while trying to conceive.
  • Men suffering from the sexual exhaustion can get treated with Jirya Cure.
  • Controls the release of semen while not having intercourse at night.
  • Helps in increasing the density of Semen.
  • Ultimately adds to the fertility of a man.


IngredientsIt contains a whole lot of ingredient that fuels sexual well-being like Veteriaindica, Chlorophytumarundin, Aeglemarnaioscorr, OrchisLatifolia, Mimosa pudica, SymplocusRaeemosu, Buteafrondosalinn etc.

Direction of UseDirections must be strictly followed for the enhanced effect of the medicine on the body. This has to be taken about 5 to 10 ml every morning and evening after the meals are taken.

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