Majun Falasfa


Majun Falasfa


DescriptionThis is a medicinal treatment done for the treatment of kidney pain, joint pain, etc. This acts just like nervine tonic which is capable of treating these ailments. This is mostly anti-oxidant, nephroprotective, neuroprotective. It helps in the enhancement of the mental condition, digestive system, backache, gout, and loss of appetite, nephropathy, and pain in nerves.


  • Cures the general debility.
  • Cures indigestion.
  • Increases the appetite for stimulating better health conditions.
  • Improves the mental condition of the patient.
  • Works to aid the immunity of the person.


IngredientsThe herbal treatment is composed of the same ingredients in required proportion like those of the Pine Nuts, Roman Chamomile, EmblicaOfficinalisGaertn crushed fruit, AnthemisNobilis roots, Piper longum fruit, Piper nigrum fruit, SalabMisri, ginger, Honey.

Direction of UseThis is to be used in the required amount so that one can get the best results out of the medicine. 5 grams on a daily basis is recommended. This has to be taken in 250 grams of warm water.

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