Paingo Plus


DescriptionPaingo plus capsules are one of the easiest and effective remedy for all your back and muscular pain. They contain natural ingredients without any side effects on your body. This pain go capsules from herbal cure will completely reduce the amount of pain in any type of joints in a very short period of time. Use these capsules for once and you’ll see the efficiency of these natural capsules.

Each box of paingo capsules contains 12 tablets.


  • It’s natural and has no side effects.
  • Works in a very short amount of time.
  • It’s an adjuvant in order to manage any sort of joint pain in your body.
  • Contains natural ingredients and are much more effective than the allopathy tablets.


IngredientsIt’s a mixture of extracts of suranjan, shallaki guggul , hadjod, rasna, methi, nagarmotha, nirgundi and other natural ingredients in different proportions to make this capsules extremely effective on any kind of musculoskeletal pain or disorders.

Directions of UseOne should take around 1 tablet in the morning and evening or as prescribed by your physician.

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