Pure Raw Acacia Honey 340gm


Pure Raw Acacia Honey 340gm


DescriptionThis is the herbal formula which is beneficial to fight with various health problems like those of healing the wounds, relief from cold, solving various dermatological issues, etc. This has various medicinal property in it and is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant which is a great combination to fight with a various microbial stay in the body. This also helps to bring a notable change in the stamina of a person.


  • It brings the microbial activity in the body to an end, and this is so because it has the antibacterial and anti-fungal property in it. Thus, it is the best formula to treat the infected wounds as it has awesome healing capability.
  • It also brings a notable change in the athletic performance and works to enhance the stamina of the person.
  • Works best to heal cough.


IngredientsThis is a pure Ayurvedic ingredient itself which is collected from the wild bee hives which are quite beneficial for the body.

Direction of Use:

  • This must not be fed to the infant of 1 year.
  • For the different purpose, the honey is used differently.

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