Pure Raw Honey With Bee Pollen 340GM


DescriptionThis is the Ayurvedic formula which is beneficial for various kinds of health ailments like those of the liver toxicity. This also helps to strengthen the immune system of the body and boost the resistance to various disease-causing microorganisms. This also helps in the reduction of inflammation, and it has anti-inflammation properties in it. It also has the properties like those of the anti-oxidant property and anti-bacterial.


  • It enhances the functioning of the liver, cures the liver damage and also can be used as a preventive measure to avoid liver malfunctioning in the early future.
  • Helps to enhance the resistance of the body with various disease-causing microbes.
  • Aids in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Helps to heal the wounds and also helps to get rid of the infection as well as other microbial actions on the body.
  • Helps to get relief from cold as well as fever.


IngredientsThis is the pure organic and is an Ayurveda ingredient which is useful to cure various sort of problems how far the health is concerned.

Direction of UsePeople use this honey for various purposes and the direction to use vary with different purposes of the usage.

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