Rex Gasonil Syrup


DescriptionStomach problems can lead to a lot of mishap in your life, but when you have the Gasonil Syrup by the extraordinary company Rex, you can bid adieu to all such problems. This syrup is one of the best medicines against gastrointestinal difficulties and with the help of proper dosage tummy problems will be of the past. If you want a quick solution to help you with the discomfort you feel after a heavy meal; this syrup is your best remedy.


  • Fights all kinds of gastrointestinal problems and stomach conditions
  • Helps to counter stomach issues like anorexia, indigestion, stomach ache, hyperacidity, and fluctuations
  • This syrup is also very effective against burning discomfort in the upper areas of the body, heaviness after meals and every other kind of discomfort you may feel after a heavy meal.


IngredientsThe Gasonil Syrup by the house of Rex has the best Ingredients put together to help solve your digestion problems. It is available in 100ml and 200ml bottles.

Direction Of UseYou should take 10ml to 15ml of the syrup after your meal, twice daily.

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