New Shama Depane Herbal Pain Killer Tablets


DescriptionThis is the herbal method which is used by the people who are suffering from arthritis. This disease is very difficult to be dealt with where there are various ailments of throats. This also creates a problem in the functioning of the joint properly. There is a pain observed in the joints, and this causes painful movement. This tablet helps people to get rid of the pain in the joints as well as enhances the health by curing issues like those of fever and cough.


  • Helps to cure the pain in the joint.
  • Helps to deal with the disease like arthritis.
  • Helps to treat various ailments of throats.


IngredientsSome of the ingredients used as the composition of the tablets are Asgand, Afsanteen, Chobchini, Haldi, Gogul, Rewand, etc.

Direction of Use:

  • The dosages have to be taken properly to get the best results.
  • Two tablets have to be taken one in the evening and one at night post 30 minutes of having the meal.
  • By taking this medicine this way, after a few dosages, you can observe a notable change.

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