Shama Pilocure Tablets


DescriptionPiles can be extremely painful. This are caused when the small veins around the anus and the victim swell and become inflamed. It may lead to internal bleeding from the surrounding veins and cause a lot of pain while defecating. Other factors may be pregnancy, diarrhea, chronic constipation or even anal intercourse. These tablets can relieve you from all these life-threatening symptoms, and you can say goodbye to piles forever. Having this medicine is going to facilitate bowel movement to a great extent.

The package consists of 10 packs of tablet, each packet consisting of 10 capsules.


  • These medicines are extremely useful in exerting hemostyptic activity.
  • It can help In reducing bleeding that occurs due to piles.
  • It is anti-inflammatory in nature that reduces the swelling.
  • It increases as well as facilities the process of bowel movement.


IngredientsThis medicine consists of a number of natural substances including gooseberry, gugulu, haridra, haritaki, kanchanara, lajjalu and Nimba among others.

Directions Of UseYou should have two tablets on a daily basis for 15 days to fight piles completely.

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